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August 2007

JPOS General:

  • new live support over the Internet - Now (version 9.31 and later) under the Help menu you can download and run a support program which will allow you to connect to one of our support technicians. They will be able to view and control your computer, solve the issue and you will be able to watch the action. Perfect for live training sessions too!
  • Heartland Payment Systems has been added to our list of credit card processors with which we are certified
  • we can print your Gift/Loyalty Cards! - We have a full color plastic (PVC) card printer with magnetic stripe encoder. We will set up your artwork for free! Ask us for a sample. The cards can be reloaded with any value. Most importantly, you won't pay a "per transaction processing fee" like you do with most other Gift Card solutions.

JPOS touchPOS:

  • customers will now be able to see the current balance of their Gift and Loyalty cards on the Subtotal screen - In many cases this eliminates the need for printing receipts for that information.
  • modified how the QuickList buttons are set up - now you can load multiple items onto the buttons at once. They are loaded alphabetically. You can now move and button assignments. You can also now clear multiple buttons at once.

JPOS BackOffice:

  • added Harbor Wholesale (West Coast) to the list of vendors that the JPOS eInvoice program can process. We also process invoices from: Pine State Trading Company-ME, Maine Beverage-ME, Manchester Wholesale-NH, J Polep-MA, AG of Maine-ME, Garber Bros-MA with more to come.
  • changed the number of decimal places from 2 to 3 for the cost of items. Many vendors sell items using 3 decimal places so it is necessary to make this change in order to have the total dollar amount in the Receive Order routine match the actual invoice.

JPOS Technical:

  • moved the printer settings file from inside to outside the JPOS.00 folder. It was previously possible to have the normal backup routine overwrite the local printer settings with a global printer settings file.
  • the Windows operating system has a maximum number of files that can be stored in any one folder. The maximum is dependent on the file system used. For the FAT32 system, the maximum is 65534 (less if long file names are used). The Notes files use long file names and therefore the possibility exists that you could max out a folder for any given year. So we subdivided the JPOS.00\Cashreg\Trans\Notes\yyyy\ into JPOS.00\Cashreg\Trans\Notes\yyyy\mm - where y = year and m = the month. This will also speed up the automatic back-up routine.

July 2007

JPOS touchPOS:

  • changed the number of decimal places from 2 to 3 for the cost of items. Many vendors sell items using 3 decimal places so it is necessary to make this change in order to have the total dollar amount in the Receive Order routine match the actual invoice.
  • added a prompt for the cashier to do a safe drop. You set the prompt threshold and the program will alert the cashier to make a safe drop once that threshold amount has been reached.

JPOS BackOffice:

  • changed the way invoices are exported to QuickBooks. Now saving an order using either JPOS eInvoice or JPOS BackOffice > Receive Order creates a file that can be later exported to QuickBooks. This allows orders to be received at the store level and the accounting to be done at a remote site such as the main office.

June 2007

JPOS touchPOS:

  • modified the way the Canadian Tender button functions. Now the program converts the balance owed to the equivalent dollar amount in Canadian currency and gives back change in Canadian currency.
  • added ability to download customer display ads from our FTP site directly to your register. You no longer have to create your own ads - we can do it for you. Are you getting paid for the advertising space on your counter? Our software customers are!

May 2007

JPOS eLiquor:

  • added the ability to download quarterly price changes from Maine Beverage web site. Automatically update the cost and retails of your entire liquor inventory with a few mouse clicks.

Jan/Feb 2007

JPOS touchPOS:

JPOS BackOffice:

  • added integration to video security systems using TCP/IP protocol - added the ability to quickly search and review video for suspect activities.

Sept/Oct 2006

JPOS touchPOS:

  • web menu ordering - your customers can now order items (sandwiches, groceries, etc.) from your store's website and pay for them online
  • added support for 2100+ quick button items
  • improved the customer screen ad displays

JPOS eLiquor:

  • a new software application which downloads liquor specials (monthly post-offs) and automatically updates the cost and retail of hundreds of liquor SKUs in minutes

June/July 2006

JPOS touchPOS:

  • added Loyalty Program features

JPOS onOrder

  • added Directions tab to customer database for delivery instructions
  • added Additional Notes field for pick up orders

February 2006

JPOS touchPOS:

  • added line item info of on-sale savings to receipts & invoices
  • added support for pole displays
  • added interface for security video output from POS program
  • added spy utility to remotely monitor transaction details
  • added support for a customer display screen that includes advertising space
  • added ability to designate a date/time-server on the intranet or internet (eliminates unauthorized changing of the computer date & time)
  • added ability to generate multiple orders for same vendor without having to receive the first order - can also save the order by PO
  • added case UPC field for use in receiving inventory by scanning (i.e. scan case of candy bars to receive 36 units instead of having to open the box to scan single candy bar)
  • added global markup/discount to apply to all discount eligible items for all transactions
  • added ability to edit transactions (you can now fix: incorrect opening balances, excessive amount tenders, excessive bottle returns, etc.)
  • data for all POS transactions (note, tender, & log files, etc.) are now stored in a folder for the current year - speeds the automatic backup
  • added Unit of Measure & Value fields - for unit pricing on labels and invoices
  • added cost per ounce (or any other unit of measure) column unit to invoices
  • added credit/debit ineligible field to items
  • added address details to the Find Customer/Vendor dialog box to assist with selection of the correct customer/vendor
  • Input from Invoice routine now has ability to dynamically add new items
  • fixed tax calculation on refund transactions containing Line Item Discounts
  • fixed inconsistent connection to network shares that specified a password

December 2005

JPOS General:

  • sign on dialog box now pre-selects current store (for user with multiple locations)
  • add compatibility for reading/processing EBT cards in states outside Maine

JPOS touchPOS:

  • Quick-Add now uses the item with the closest UPC in database for quicker entry

JPOS onOrder:

  • added Save Tab by name
  • auto prints check / receipt when transaction completed
  • added customer name to Customer, Kitchen, Bar, etc. copies

November 2005

JPOS touchPOS:

  • the Misc Non-Taxable, Misc Taxable 1 and Misc Taxable 2 buttons can now be disabled