JPOS Updates

July 2014

JPOS touchPOS -
- added ability to pick Scale Item by PLU (UPC)
- fixed the right-click in QuickList issue - if you right-clicked a QuickList button that was located where the subsequent button choices would appear, the right-click also caused the button under the mouse pointer to be clicked.

JPOS BackOffice -
- added ability to email reports - added the Email Report option to the context menu (right-click in any report)
- added ability to email statements for all active customer charge accounts - added the Email Statements to Customer menu at top of screen.

June 2014

JPOS eLiquor -
- created interface for liquor pricing monthly updates from Pine State (liquor distributor in Maine as of 2014)

November 2011

JPOS All Programs -
- added Email Invoice/Receipt - Stop wasting paper! Email that invoice or receipt to your customer. The "Email" button has been added to the "Print Receipt" dialog box.
- improved search - added ability to combine filters when searching for items - for example: you can find an item containing "BOX-MEN" (meaning find BOX but don't include items with MEN in description) from the "Tobacco" department from "Pine State Trading Company"

JPOS BackOffice
- added the user name to the column in reports that used to include only the user's ID

July 2011

JPOS All Programs -
- added Gift Card Server - allows multi-store retailers to use gift cards across all sites without the expense to setting up and maintaining a VPN. Also added a "Test GiftCard server" button to list of support buttons.
- added Time Clock Server - allows multi-store retailers to use time clock data across all sites without the expense to setting up and maintaining a VPN
- added End To End Encryption (E2EE or E3) of bank card transaction data - new credit card hardware is available which encrypts bank card data immediately as the card is swiped. It dramatically reduces risks associated with handling bank card data.

- changed from 6 quick buttons to 28 - these buttons are on the "Sale" screen and used for items without barcodes such as COFFEE SM, COFFEE LG, FUEL, ONLINE LOTTERY, etc. Now there are 28 buttons (2 lists of 14 buttons each).
- moved QuickList buttons - moved buttons to same area as the quick buttons so they no longer cover function buttons when they are displayed.

JPOS touchPOS - JPOS onOrder
- added feature - custom notes for menu items - when ordering items from the food menu, you can create and save a custom note such as "DO NOT CUT IN HALF" or "extra extra extra salt!". Custom notes appear in a list when adding notes to an item so you can quickly select it rather than type it in again and again.
- change - ordering 1/2, 1/3, etc., menu items now prompt for the other parts - eliminates mistakes such as server accidentally ordering a 1/2 10" and a 1/2 16" pizza.
- added/changed feature - in touchPOS, right-click on an item in the transaction to access "Edit Item", "Line Item Discount" and "Price OverRide" functions, double-click to Edit the item. In the touchPOS Menu program, double-click OR right-click on a menu item in the order to access "Re-Size", "Edit Link Item", and "Add Note" functions. In the onOrder program, double-click OR right-click on a menu item in the order to access "Re-Size", "Edit Link Item", "Add Note" and "Price Adjust" functions.
- fix - found that the calculation for "Safe Drop" feature was not including Cash Paidouts. Found that if the Safe Drop Threshhold amount changed, the calculation continued to use the "old" amount until the cashier signed out and signed back in.
- change - Customer Display Setup - consolidated options into one window and added a layout legend that makes it easy to see the ad layout.

JPOS BackOffice
- change - added a column for department name to the Inventory Snapshot so you can sort by department
- added feature - a “Select Department” choice so you can do a snapshot for just one department as well as ALL departments
- added feature - When comparing snapshots, once you’ve selected the first snapshot, "Browse for 2nd snapshot" automatically filters for a snapshot containing the same department items (or if the 1st snapshot is an "ALL Department" it will only allow selection of a 2nd "ALL Department" snapshot)
- fix - a seemingly non-functioning "Import Inventory from File"
- added - ability to restore the inventory to a previous snapshot

August 2010

JPOS All Programs -
- add network connection test - if unable to connect to JPOS folder the program will attempt to un-map a network share that may have been previously established using invalid credentials
- added troubleshooting info - when unable to connect to network

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder / BackOffice -
- added feature - "Send Message to JPOS" - allows users to quickly send a message to JPOS main office. It does not require email to be set up at the retail location. Once the message is received at JPOS, it is converted and sent out immedeiately via email to appropriate JPOS personnel
- added feature "Test Internet Connection" - allows user to quickly test their internet connection. Crucial for retailers using the internet to process bank cards
- added ability to centralize Time Clock files - this allows multi-site retailers to consolidate employee shifts across all sites

July 2010

JPOS BackOffice -
- columns in reports can now be arranged in any order and are remembered for each report

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder -
- multiple sales tax rates can be applied to the same item - Massachusetts recently allowed individual towns to implement a tax (0.75%) on prepared foods that is in addition to the state tax - before the update, items could only be assigned to one tax rate
- added an option to allow cashiers to enter a date of birth for alcohol & tobacco purchases - the date is stored with the transaction notes and will print on the sales receipt

June 2010

JPOS BackOffice -
- reports showing Customer count now use guest count - if guest count is zero (transactions not involving menu orders) the customer count is set to 1 so this change is transaparent to users not using the onOrder program
- reports can now be further customized - the columns can be dragged into whatever order the user desires. The new column order will be remembered for each report

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder -
- split order routine - it is easier to set the location of the original and the new orders
- split order routine - double click a line item to send it to opposite order window
- improved the menu order erase routine - orders are supposed to be removed from the system once they are paid for - if an order was recalled, all items were voided, then the order was again recalled and cashed out, it would not be removed - this has been fixed

JPOS Bottle Redemption -
- bottle return amount for an item is now 3 decimal places - for example: a user can now set the bottle return amount for an item to 5.5 cents (five and a half cents)

April 2010

JPOS BackOffice -
- added Loyalty List button which shows all loyalty eligible items in the database
- added item count to "What's On-Sale" report
- added a department choice to the Profit by Day report. Before it was a total of sales across all departments. Now you can choose all or one specific department.
- added a Department column to the Extras > Suspect Inventory report

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder -
- late rental fees - now also record the name of item (movie title) under the customer's notes
- added "L" to the end of the line item on receipts to mark the items on which the customer earned Loyalty credit
- added the Loyalty amount to be earned on the "Swipe Loyalty Card" screen.
- added capability to password protect the three Misc Tenders - The set up of password protection is found under Program Settings, on 2nd Security tab.
- added "Sort by ID" button to Split Order window to facilitate splitting checks
- added Menu Heading description and image fields to be used with JPOS WebOrder. With a menu heading (category) such as Panini Sandwiches you can take one picture of a panini sandwich to display at the top of the Panini Sandwich page and set the Heading description to: Ciabatta bread grill in a sandwich press, filled with your choice of meats, cheeses and fresh veggies. Delizioso! You can still set a picture and description for each individual item.

JPOS eInvoice -
- Added On Sale Retail and On Sale Cost to list of update parameters. With this change you may for example: set your own sale pricing but still use the wholesaler's suggested retails for non-sale items.

JPOS timeClock -
- fix - when signing out the display would show an incorrect time for the start of shift

JPOS Bottle Redemption -
- added a link to customer at the end of bottle transactions so you can now get a report on that customer/bottle drive group. The report is in Bottle Redemption > Reports > Customer Report ... choose date span and customer/bottle drive group. Useful for tallying multiple transactions such as during a bottle drive that may span a number of days.

March 2010

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder -
- The total sales of the departments selected when setting up the Net Cash Report will now print on the cashier's shift report. This addresses the request to see for example FUEL sales on a shift report. The total will be listed as Gross Sales Category 1. Gross Sales Category 2 is the total of all other departments. The shift report was designed to report what is supposed to be in a cashier's drawer at the end of their shift. The details of how those figures are calculated have always been and still are in BackOffice reports.
- The "Final Check": button can now be use on all transactions. Previously you could only print a final check (this check shows TIP and TOTAL lines) for a menu order transaction. Service based retail locations have requested this change so that they might more easily receive tips for services.

February 2010

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder -
- added feature "Sub IDs" which allow a server to assign line items in a menu order to a particular person at a table. This is helpful when delivering the food to a group of people, and also when splitting checks.
- changed the way order IDs are generated - Now all orders are saved under the current server's ID. Before, generic orders (Take Out, Phone In, Eat Here) were given a "99" ID.

January 2010

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder -
- added ability to specify which tenders (forms of payment: cash, check, credit, etc) are valid for each item. For example: you can specify that lottery tickets can not be paid for with Gift Cards.

November 2009

JPOS onOrder -
- added "Transfer" button to the Active Order screen - a server can transfer a tab to another server. The server that will be receiving the tab will have to enter their password. This ensures both parties are aware of the transfer.
- added "Combine" button to the Active Order screen - you can now combine 2 or more orders into a single order - ie. 1 person wants to "pick up the tab" for multiple orders - highlight the first order, click "Combine". A dialog box will appear with the order number in the list. Click "Add more orders...". Now select another order to combine with the first order you selected, click "Combine" - repeat until all orders to be combined are listed then click the "Combine" button in the Combine Orders dialog box. After orders have been combined, you can still add items to the order just like any other order.
- added ability to rename the "Location/ID" for an order - right-click with a mouse (or hold your finger down for a few seconds on most touchscreens) on an order in the Active Orders list. A dialog box will appear to allow you to rename the Location/ID.
- added a prompt to the JPOS TimeClock program that will notify a server if they have open/active orders.
- added a user defined message to the bottom of printed order checks - the message can be any length and prints below the Total line and above the Signature line.

October 2009

JPOS BackOffice -
- added more functionality to the context menu (right-clicking) in reports.
The context menu now includes:

  • "Send Selected" - (applies to all reports) - allows you to quickly create a sub report (ie. from a Department Sales report you could send just the CIGARETTES:FULL REVENUE, CIGARETTES:GENERIC, CIGARS and the TOBACCO line items to a new report to quickly see a subtotal of all tobacco related sales.)
  • "Show Statement" - (customer based reports) - allows you to quickly create a Statement report
  • "Show Sales" - (item based reports) - get a Sales report for that item
  • "Move Selected Items Into Group" - (item based reports) - highlight the items you want to move into a Group, right-click on one of the highlighted items then select a group to move them into. (you can also take items out of groups by selecting "** n/a **")
  • "Show Department Sales" - (department based reports) - get a Sales report showing the sales of all items in the selected department

JPOS touchPOS / onOrder -
- added "My Orders" button - displays only the "Tab" orders for current user
- the order list now displays the item description from the menu and not the linked item name, it also indents Options (ie. green pepper) under the main items (ie. Salami Italian) making it easier for servers to locate the correct order.
- added checkbox option to "Show orders for current user only" - when checked causes Order List to display only the Tab orders for the current user/server.
- voided items from a previously created order are saved to a new order. The Location field will contain a reference to the original order.
- added "Use Subtotal Prompt" to the Program Settings dialog box under the "Subtotal" tab - you can enter a message that will appear every time a cashier enters the Subtotal screen. It can be a reminder to upsell or ask if the customer has pumped gas, etc.
- fixed the customer display screen - if the monitor used for a customer display is not properly set up in Windows (or simply not turned on) the customer display screen (ads and transaction item list) will not appear on the cashier's screen. The user will also see an error message and then be allowed to change the customer screen resolution. The resolution should be changed to 0 width and 0 height if not using a monitor for a customer display.

General -
- discontinued the use of "Arial Narrow" font. - sometimes caused the automated installation of touchPOS and onOrder to fail as well as often requiring a re-boot to complete an intall. This change in font required a new look for many of the screens/dialog boxes.

August 2009

General -
- Added ability to set user permissions for more of the JPOS programs (TimeClock, TimeClock Report, eLiquor, Connection Setup, Bottle Redemption, Cashier Utility) After updating to this new version, distributors will be required to set the permission for the administrator to allow access to the Cashier (or SignOn) Utility

- changed the install script for some of the JPOS programs to simply copy the Arial Narrow font to the "Program Files\JPOS touchPOS" folder instead of trying to install it in the "Windows\Fonts" folder. This should remedy the installation error associated with trying to re-install the font.

JPOS onOrder -
- fixed feature - Credit, Debit "Ineligible" not working

JPOS eLiquor -
- added 2 more auto-fill fields (Alt Search and Unit of Measure Value). The "Alt Search" field is populated with Maine Beverage's Category, Proof and Size info. This facilitates searches such as "cordial" or "VODKA + 1750". The Unit of Measure Value field is used to show cost per ounce on invoices to restaurants.

JPOS touchPOS -
- now you are required to enter an amount for the 3 Misc Tenders (in Subtotal). Previously, you could hit a Misc Tender button without first entering an amount and the software would assume the full amount of the transaction was paid and finalize the transaction.

- the dollar amounts from JPOS Redemption Bottle Slips now are attributed to Bottle Tender instead of negatively affecting Gross Sales

- added ability to set up a new Gift Card for transactions involving a negative total (bottle refund, item refund). This allows you to add a new Gift Card from within the Subtotal screen and load it with the refund amount.

June 2009

All Programs -
- The printer setup has changed. Now there are 12 printers that can be set up in JPOS. They can also be named something friendly. There used to be 7 printers that were hard coded. They were called: Report, POS, Bar, Kitchen1, Kitchen2, Other, Slip. Printer paramters have been removed from the General Program Settings form and placed on the Printer Setup form. The name you assign each printer is what appears in the drop down box in the onOrder program and on the Choose Printer dialog box.

JPOS TimeClock -
- added Gross wages to the time clock report. This helps you to calculate the cost of operation.

- When signing in or out, the employee can now print their own shift report. They specify a starting & ending date, click OK then the report will print to the local receipt printer.

JPOS Payroll -
- merged JPOS TimeClock & Payroll functions. In JPOS Payroll > Record Paycheck, you can now select the starting & ending date and data, then click the "Get Hours" button. The fields for Regular and Overtime hours will be automatically filled in. You can also click the "Time Sheet" button to view the shifts of all employees for the selected period.

JPOS OnOrder -
- added feature - Forced Modifiers - Options can be set up as prompts. Up to 9 prompts can be assigned to a menu item. Example: You order a Haddock Plate, the program now can prompt you for Batter or Crumbs then another prompt can appear for French Fries, Baked Potato, Rice Pilaf. You have always had the choice, this new feature simply ensures that the order taker chooses an option so the kitchen won't have to ask. Other prompts could be set up to up-sell a customer. Example: Would you like Fries or Onion Rings with that?

- Menu items can now be sent to 2 kitchen printers. Example: A Surf & Turf entree - A grill printer will now print the slip for the steak portion and the seafood printer will print for the seafood.

- Options can now be assigned to a printer. Before, any options were sent to the printer assigned to the menu item the option was a part of. Now the baked potato can be sent to the Bake printer while the steak slip prints on the grill printer.

- You now have the option of sending/not sending menu items to an expeditor printer.

- The Finish Order screen now shows a preview of the order to allow your employee to confirm the details of the customer's order.

- In the Stand-Alone version of JPOS onOrder, when you select "Finish & Pay Now" the customer copy of the order does not print until the transaction has been completed. When it does print, it is formatted as a normal receipt with the addition of the order details.

JPOS BackOffice -
- The Reconcile Drawer form now has a check box for "Show Active Only". This causes only the employees that worked on the date specified to appear in the drop down list.

- QuickBooks (Intuit) - Removed the "pre-test" for all departments and other links to QB. What happens instead is if a JPOS account is non-zero, then the JPOS to QB link for that JPOS account is checked to see if it exists. If it doesn't, you get an error message and a chance to correct it (create the QuickBooks account) on the fly.

There are now 12 printers that can be set up in JPOS. They can also be named something friendly such as Pizza or Grill.

- Quotes now include descriptions and images from each item's properties.

- You can now set up 4 different levels prices for each item. Allows you to set up 4 levels of wholesale pricing for your customers, or offer a "Cash" price on certain items...

- Added $50 Cash and $100 Cash quick buttons to the Subtotal screen

November 2008

All Programs -
- increased item Name field from 24 to 40 characters.

- increased UPC field from 14 to 16 characters

- added ALT SEARCH field - It holds 24 characters. This field is another field that can be searched in addition to NAME, VENDOR CODE, DEPARTMENT, UPC, etc. It can be used to hold info such as an author's name, a wine's vintage (2002), a DVD's genre (comedy, action, sci-fi), product material (stainless, brass, cotton, silk), product origin (USA, China, Biddeford), etc. This field is optional.

- added WEB AVAILABLE checkbox. This is used to make items available/unavailable for sale on the internet using JPOS WebOrder program.

- added ADJUST / ORDER field. - Use this field to enter the amount of: buydowns, fuel surcharges, shipping costs or any other type of up-charge or discount for the item. A discount should be entered as a negative number. Example: A carton of cigarettes may have a $5.00 buydown from the manufacturer. For this example you would enter a negative $5 (-5.00) in the ADJUST / ORDER field. The buydown would be entered as a negative since it is coming off the cost of the carton of cigarettes.

- added a checkbox to the right of the ADJUST / ORDER amount field. - This is used when calculating the total cost of inventory orders created / received. When this box is checked, the amount entered in the ADJUST / ORDER field will be included in calculating the cost of the item when creating and receiving orders. Check the ADJUST / ORDER checkbox if for example: Your wholesaler charges $26.00 for a WIDGET. Your wholesaler also charges a $3.50 fuel surcharge for each WIDGET you order. If you order 10 WIDGETS, the invoice total will be $295.00 ($260.00 for ten WIDGETS plus $35.00 for ten fuel surcharge fees). In this case, the $3.50 is included on the invoice and must be considered when calculating the total cost of the order being received. Do NOT check the box if for example: The ADJUST / ORDER amount is not included on your invoice, for instance when the ADJUST / ORDER amount comes directly from the manufacturer instead of the wholesaler, (ie. cigarette buydowns).

- added MAX QTY field - This field is used to limit the quantity of "special sale" items or restricted items (cartons of cigarettes)that can be sold in any single sales transaction. For example: if you enter 3 in this field, the program will not allow the cashier to sell more than 3 of this item in one single transaction. Items in identical "QTY GROUPS" (new field - described below) will be added together during a transaction to make sure the total quantity does not exceed the amount entered in this field. Enter 0 if there is no limit on this item.

- added QTY GROUP drop down - This field is used in conjunction with the MAX QTY field (described above). Use this to limit the quantity of items that can be purchased in one transaction. Items in the same QTY GROUP will be added together during a transaction to make sure the total quantity does not exceed the amount entered in the MAX QTY field. If no other items are similar to this item then select "******** n/a *********". This field is also searchable.

- added DESCRIPTION field - This field holds 256 characters which can be used to further describe the item. The text in this field may be displayed on the internet when using the JPOS WebOrder program.

- added IMAGE field - This field holds the path to a picture of the item. The image in this field may be displayed on the internet when using the JPOS WebOrder program.

JPOS touchPOS -
- added "Wholesale" discount pricing function - To use Wholesale pricing: enter 1 in the Tier 2 Qty field, then enter the wholesale price you want to charge for the item in the retail field. In the Subtotal screen, click the Wholesale button to use wholesale prices. Items that do not have a wholesale price are unaffected by the Wholesale button.

- improved the "repeat" response time for JPOS touchButtons. Now when hitting the same button multiple times such as VOID LINE, the response from the button is able to keep up.

- added CRV tax calculation option for California.

BackOffice -
- added START OF BUSINESS DAY time field - This is for a business that closes after 12:00 midnight. Previously, reports used a 24 hour clock starting from 12:00:00 midnight and ending at 11:59:59 pm. This made it difficult to reconcile a shift that ran from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am the following day. All reports will still use a 24 hour clock but now the reports will start from the time entered in the START OF BUSINESS DAY field and will end 1 second before the next start of the business day. Example: For a bar that is open until 1:00 am, you may want to enter 1:30:00 am (hour:minute:second) in the START OF BUSINESS DAY so there will be enough time for cashiers to enter last minute transactions. Now when reconciling a cashier's drawer for 11/01/2008, the totals will come from all of transactions for that cashier that occurred between 1:30:00 am 11/01/2008 and 1:29:59 am 11/02/2008.

August 14, 2008

BackOffice -
- QuickBooks Integration - the Receive Order screen now has Post and Do Not Post options. The setting is remembered for each vendor. This will allow you to avoid posting to QuickBooks inventory accounts twice: once when the Cash PaidOut occurred and once when the invoice was received.

JPOS touchPOS -
- added ability to enable / disable program buttons (Debit, Charge, Bottle, Read Scale etc.) Two new menu options have been added under JPOS touchPOS > Setup: Enable/Disable Register Buttons and Enable/Disable Subtotal Buttons

- added feature - the touchPOS program takes an inventory snapshot each time a cashier signs out

- moved the backup routines out of JPOS touchPOS and into a new program called: JPOS AutoBkUp. This improves on a number of issues:

  • Backups occur even when a computer is not signed into JPOS touchPOS.
  • Office computers (rarely run the touchPOS program and therefore never do an automatic backup) will now run auto backups.
  • Older, slower computers would sometimes slow down or appear to freeze while an auto backup was being done. This doesn't happen any more.
  • JPOS touchPOS startup response time is much faster.
  • Cashiers no longer have to wait for the backup to finish.
  • JPOS AutoBkUp runs in the Windows Systray. You can visually verify at all times that it is running.
  • You can easily check the date and time of the last backup.
  • Each computer using JPOS AutoBkUp will have 8 redundant backup folders created automatically
  • Full backups occur every hour
  • Critical backups occur every 5 minutes.

JPOS WebOrder -
- dramatically improved ordering logic:

  • added remove item buttons
  • added ability to change details for any items in the cart at any time
  • now it takes fewer clicks to add items the cart
  • all 2,100+ items in the Quick Lists are now available for sale on your website

May 2008

JPOS onOrder -
- added 16 more options increasing the total to 48 - these are used for sandwich additions such as salt, pepper, mayo, oil etc.
- added ability to "ring up" any item inside the onorder screen. This allows you to quickly total up phone orders that have both food and non-food items.
- added automatic delivery charge link. Automatically charges a Delivery Fee for phone in orders marked for delivery. A specific report has been added to JPOS BackOffice to track Delivery Fees charged.
- improved ability to do 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or any other fraction of items such as pizza.
- added ability to go from the end of a food order, directly to the Subtotal screen without having to stop in the POS screen.

March 18, 2008

BackOffice -
- QuickBooks Integration - added option to send Check to QuickBooks as Vendor credit or Bill Payment.

March 17, 2008

BackOffice -
- added ability to link JPOS items (Customers, Vendors, Bank Accounts, Expense Accounts) with QuickBooks accounts, in a format compatible with multi-store retailers
- added Export JPOS Checks to QuickBooks to list of integrated JPOS/QB features - occurs automatically when using Export to QB button in the Reconcile Drawer dialog box.

March 12, 2008

All programs -
- added button to convert short barcodes (UPC-E) to long version (UPC-A) to the Item Properties, Search Database and Receive Inventory (Input Inventory process) dialog boxes.

touchPOS -
- added native support for integration with DVR systems using GeoVision Version 8.1.2

March 11, 2008

touchPOS -
- added ability to specify the interval for ad rotation on the customer display screen.
- improved data output format for GeoVision DVR security systems
- fixed communication error when initiating contact with non-GeoVision DVR security systems

onOrder -
- added option to automatically print a consolidated order slip for any orders that have been sent to more than one printer

BackOffice -
- re-discovered fix for running QuickBooks on Microsoft Vista and installing Intuit's QBFC5 - You must have UAC turned on.

Checking -
- added ability to link Vendors, Expenses, and Bank Accounts to QuickBooks - they are not auto-created when exporting invoices/orders to QuickBooks. This allows multi-store chains will be able to have their own customer list of vendors and still be able, for example, to link "Pine State Trading Company" from store A, "PST" from store B, or "PineState" from store C all to the same QuickBooks central company file where "Pine State Trading" is the name of the vendor.

March 10, 2008

ordered NexGen fuel dispenser controller and Tokheim simulator from Allied Electronics