VPN Default Settings

NOTE: These settings apply to a software VPN. If you are using a hardware based VPN (VPN routers set up by a network administrator) refer to your network administrator for help.

Setting up a new VPN connection: Windows 7
Go to Control Panel
Network and Sharing Center
click Setup a new connection or network
click Connect to a workplace
click Next
click Use my internet connection
in the Internet Address box, type in the IP address of the site you will be connecting to
in the Destination name box, type the name of your site ie. "Jim's Deli VPN" (I've added VPN to the name so that it will be clear to me later that this is a VPN shortcut)
click Next
type in your User Name and Password (this is a user and password that has been set up on the computer you are connecting to at your business)
you may check or uncheck the box for Remember this password
click Connect
If a successful connection is not established within 10 seconds:
click Skip (there are properties that likely need to be changed)
click Finish
Go to Control Panel
Network and Sharing Center
click Connect to a network
the Network connections window will appear
right-click on the VPN connection you just created
click Properties
the (Your name) VPN Properties window will appear
click Networking tab
uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to open the Properties window
select Use the following IP address
type in an IP address that is unused at the business (typical JPOS stations start at - so an unused address might be
in the Preferred DNS server type: (or whatever your DNS server address is at your business site - this is typically your router's internal IP address)
click the Advanced button
uncheck Use default gateway on remote network
click OK to dismiss Advanced TCP/IP Settings window
click OK to dismiss Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties window
click OK to dismiss the (Your name) VPN Properties window
click the VPN connection then click the Connect button that appears
a successful connection should be established within a few seconds