JPOS Customer Display Screen
Setting Up Customer Display Ads
There are a few steps to this.

Determine the size of the ad you’re creating.
There are two relative frame sizes:
  • Large Frame (2 ads to the right of the transaction info)
  • Small Frame (3 ads at the bottom of the screen)

The size of each is determined by your customer display screen resolution. To see what size image you need:
At the register, sign in to JPOS touchPOS as Administrator (cashier #1)
Click Setup at the top of the screen.
Click Show Frame Size Info. Your Customer Screen Resolution, as well as the corresponding frame sizes will be displayed. Write down the Large and Small Frame Size numbers. You will need them. Keep in mind these sizes are in pixels.

Now, create the ad image you want to display.

Create the image, and size it according to the dimensions (in pixels) obtained from the steps above.
Save this image as a JPEG, and name it something that makes sense. You may want to include "Large" or "Small" in the file name, so it will be easier to find the right ad later. Save the file to the shared JPOS folder (generally located at \\Station1\JPOS). We recommend creating a subfolder in the JPOS folder called "Ad Pics".

If you have multiple register stations:
Copy the contents of the Ad Pics folder (created in the steps above):
From Station2 (Station3, Station4 ...)
Click on the Start button
Click on the My Computer icon
In the address bar (top of the dialog box) type \\Station1\JPOS\Ad Pics then press Enter.
The Ad Pics folder should open showing all of the ads you've placed there.
Copy the ad files to a folder on the local computer:
Right-click on files you wish to copy.
Select Copy
Click on the Start button
Click on the My Computer icon
Double-click Local Disk (C :)
Right-click on the JPOSBKUP folder
Select Paste

Selecting which ads to display in JPOS touchPOS
Sign in to a register as Administrator (cashier #1)
Click Setup
Click Customer Display Setup

This window will appear:
customer display setup screen

As shown in the legend above, ads 0 & 1 are the large frames at the top right of the Customer Display screen
Ad 2, Ad 3 and Ad 4 are the three smaller frames at the bottom of the Customer Display screen

You may type the correct location of the desired file to be displayed under Path/Text or:
Click Browse next to the appropriate Ad

This dialog box will appear:

In the Look in drop down box (at the top of the dialog window), select My Computer

If you are at Station1:
  • then the ad files are in the shared JPOS folder (usually D:\JPOS\Ad Pics)
  • Double-click the Local Disk (D:)
  • Double-click the JPOS folder
  • Double-click the Ad Pics folder

If you are at any other station than Station1:

  • Double-click the Local Disk (C:)
  • Double-click the JPOSBKUP folder
  • Double-click on the file you want to display. That’s it! Repeat this process for the remaining ads you want to display.
Browse for file

The challenge is creating the images. Unless you’re proficient with creating graphics, you may get discouraged. Don't. Play around with software such as Image Forge. Get creative. If you have a teenager anywhere near you, get them to do it. As you get more advanced, you can graduate to scanning in images (maybe a business card of that realtor who gets coffee at your store every day), and renting that space to customers who may want to advertise their services. There's nothing wrong with making more $$$$!

Some simple ways to create ads is to Google the internet for images. Keep in mind that some images are copyright protected. Search for “Budweiser Logo”, and see what you get. If you find a high resolution image, save it, and ad text to it. You could hit up your sales rep for a computer ready image. They may give you $$$ or an extra case of product each month for displaying their ad.